Featured Projects

Grand Gardens in the City
Guilford, Maryland
Why You Live in the Woods
Hunt Valley, Maryland
Urban Oasis Connects Old and New
Canton/Fells Point, Baltimore
Grand Entry for Distinguished City Residence
Guilford, Maryland
Family Paradise for All Seasons
Ellicott City, Maryland
Swiss Family Kinard Treehouse
Lutherville, Maryland


Comprehensive Master Plan
Create your dream environment
New Outdoor Spaces
Renovate your outdoor living room
Gardens and Landscaping
Freshen your perspective
Exterior Decorating
A designer's eye is a smart investment
Site Engineering & Design Consultation
Protect and support the environment

News & Notes

Small Wonders (PDF)
Baltimore Magazine featured our work in Fells Point, Maryland.
The Caretakers (PDF)
Baltimore Magazine featured our work in Guilford, Maryland.

Design Process

JGL Design utilizes a comprehensive design and project implementation process. The process includes all aspects of client program development, site analysis, design concepts, preparing master plans and design details, and project administration. The JGL Design process ensures that the client's vision is fully realized, that they are immersed in and integral to the development of the design, and that the design is properly implemented during the construction phase.

Project Initiation Meeting
Exploring Your Vision

JGL Design meets with potential clients to discuss their desires and problems. We determine the professional services and approach that will provide you with the most creative and effective design solutions at the greatest value. The Project Initiation Meeting provides the foundation for a successful relationship and project.

Phase I: Concepts
Creating Your Vision

Design Concepts are the starting point for growing your vision. But a concept should still be based on solid site information and design principles. JGL Design develops concepts that explore the various approaches to implementing your vision and ensures that all of our preliminary ideas are feasible and completely address your needs and desires. Our concepts are not just “quick sketches,” but fully explored design ideas and preliminary plans.

Phase II: Master Plan
Nurturing Your Vision

The Master Plan documents the comprehensive and long term vision for your landscape and project. The JGL Design Master Plan provides the basis for all project implementation planning and detail design.

Phase III: Design Details & Construction Documents
Focusing Your Vision

Design Concepts and Master Plans provide the big picture for your long term vision. But as they say, “The devil is in the details.” The best plans with poor implementation will only leave you disappointed and regretting mistakes or possible poor investments.

Phase IV: Exterior Decorating
Completing Your Vision

When the outdoor spaces are completed you are still not ready to “live” in these outdoor rooms. You will need to furnish and decorate these rooms the same way you would complete the rooms in your house. JGL Design provides the expertise to make your outdoor experience as comfortable and exciting as inside your home.

Phase V: Project Administration
Implementing Your Vision

JGL Design relieves you of all of the details and headaches of managing the construction process by administering all aspects of your landscape projects.